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About Redpoint Research

Redpoint Research was founded by Dr. John Dalbey to help practicing software engineers discover how they can achieve their best.  Our PSQ course embodies research backed and experience based knowledge of software engineering "best practices" in a practical, results oriented training.

Photo of Dr. Dalbey is retired from the faculty of Computer Science at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.   He earned his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science at Cal Poly and a Ph.D. in Science and Math Education from U.C. Berkeley.  In teaching Software Engineering courses he combines real world industry experience with a deep understanding of pedagogy. 

Dr. Dalbey is also an instructor for Outward Bound, leading wilderness challenge courses.  In developing the PSQ course he incorporated many elements of the experiential learning paradigm of Outward Bound.  The result is a hands-on training that is not only technically rich but personally empowering.

What is "redpoint?"

The term "redpoint" comes from the jargon of extreme technical rock climbing where a climber may practice a particular climb repeatedly before a successful ascent.  Much as a gymnast may practice a routine day after day in order to perfect it, at the leading edge of climbing a difficult climb may require many attempts before it is mastered. A redpoint ascent is one where the climber finally completes the ascent without a fall. 

The connotation of "redpoint" is that perfection is attainable through a combination of creativity, discipline, and practice.  At Redpoint Research we believe that software quality is not just an abstract idea but a concrete goal that is attainable through a similar combination of creativity, discipline, and practice.  We are committed to bringing about dramatic improvements in software quality through showing engineers the power of a personal software process.

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