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Our PSQ course is offered as a private, on-site, hands-on training for software engineers.  Ideally a team of engineers will take the course together.  Public open enrollment courses may be offered in the future if there is sufficient demand.
                      Minimum Enrollment 3 students. 
                      Maximum Enrollment 12 students per course. 


The price for the full five day course is $1500 per engineer plus the instructor's travel expenses to your site.

The expense of enrolling engineers in the PSQ course can be quickly recovered.  Most teams of six engineers will save enough time in testing on their first project to pay for the cost of course. 

Management support for PSQ is essential, and to promote management participation, when a team of three or more engineers enroll their manager is invited to attend the Orientation and Day 1 at no charge.


The course is comprised of six meetings. The Orientation takes about two hours, and the last meeting is a half-day.  Days 1 - 4 are full days, typically beginning at 8:30am and concluding about 5:30pm (including a lunch break). 

Most companies will want to schedule the course on consecutive days.  This creates an immersive, demanding experience with high impact.  Alternatively, a less intense format is to schedule one day a week for five weeks.

Course Materials

We provide a 200-page course workbook and several software tools used in the course. Each participant must purchase separately a copy of the textbook, PSP: A Self-improvement Process for Software Engineers


We have some modest requirements for the facilities at your site where the course will be taught. If you decide to purchase the course, we will provide you with details about our preferred meeting facilities. 

Your engineers may find their creativity and receptivity to new ideas is enhanced if they take the course off-site.  In this case you may consider sending your engineers to beautiful San Luis Obispo, California, to take the course at our training facility.  Contact us to discuss special arrangements.

Custom Training

The format and schedule for the PSQ course can sometimes be adjusted to accomodate special situations.  We can also provide custom training in software process improvement that is tailored to your specific needs.


Unless other arrangments have been made, we require that half the price of the workshop be paid at least 30 days prior to the course start date, and the other half payable net 30 days after the course has concluded. Please contact us if you would like to discuss alternate arrangments.

Please make checks payable to Redpoint Research, and remit to: 

Redpoint Research
P.O. Box 15032
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406


There is a fee of 25% for postponed or cancelled courses. 


To order the PSQ course for your engineers, please send us an email.

Excellence is achievable.  Contact us.

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